An introduction to the history of the arctic national wildlife refuge

Alaska’s arctic national wildlife refuge is a massive preserve of serrated mountain ramparts, stunted boreal forest and windswept, seaside tundra--roamed over by a varied suite of animals and. The arctic national wildlife refuge is one of our nation's greatest wilderness icons for decades, millions of americans have fought to keep the coastal plain of the arctic refuge out of the hands. Arctic national wildlife refuge (anwr): an overview laura b comay analyst in natural resources policy in the context of the refuge’s history, its energy and biological resources, native interests and government receives may be higher or lower drilling in anwr, as elsewhere in the arctic, is a difficult and expensive prospect a key.

The arctic national wildlife refuge is an iconic american treasure it is home to more than 200 species of birds, along with polar bears, wolves, and nearly 200,000 caribou that raise their young in the refuge. Renowned for its wildlife, arctic refuge is inhabited by 45 species of land and marine mammals, ranging from the pygmy shrew to the bowhead whale best known are the polar, grizzly, and black bear wolf, wolverine, dall sheep, moose, muskox, and the animal that has come to symbolize the area's. Diversity of wildlife in the arctic national wildlife refuge the 1002 area is located on the coastline of the refuge and is an important migratory corridor for caribou. The arctic range was renamed the arctic national wildlife refuge, and was expanded, mostly southward and westward, to include an additional 92 million acres section 702(3) of anilca designated much of the original refuge as a wilderness area, but not the coastal plain.

History it all started with a small group of local alaskan residents they were wildlife enthusiasts, public land supporters, and volunteers at the kenai and alaska maritime national wildlife refuges (arctic national wildlife refuge/ usfws) friends support includes:. Arctic national wildlife refuge, vast natural area occupying the northeastern corner of the us state of alaska it was established in 1960 as arctic national wildlife range with an area of approximately 13,900 square miles (36,000 square km) and was expanded and renamed arctic national wildlife refuge in 1980. A dozen republican members of the house took a stand last month against an egregious provision in the senate tax bill that would open the arctic national wildlife refuge to development rep elise. Introduction norman chance the arctic ocean is the centerpiece of the circumpolar north lands bordering this region include those of alaska, canada, greenland/denmark, iceland, norway, sweden, finland, and russia.

The arctic national wildlife refuge is unique in its wildness and in the connection it offers to the unspoiled natural world, even for those who may never set foot there, sierra club executive director michael brune said in a statement. Battle for anwr: the arctic national wildlife refuge pdf along with hundreds of other books into your device and adjust the font size, the brightness of the backlight, and other parameters to make the. The arctic refuge, like all 566 national wildlife refuges that make up the national wildlife refuge system, belongs to each and every american the arctic refuge is a shared resource, and an integral part of our nation’s conservation heritage.

We, the us fish and wildlife service (service), announce the availability of a revised comprehensive conservation plan (plan/ccp) and final environmental impact statement (eis) for the arctic national wildlife refuge (refuge, nwr) for a 30-day public review. The arctic national wildlife range was established by public land order number 2214 on december 6, 1960 for the purpose of preserving unique wildlife, wilderness and recreational values. Abstract—the arctic national wildlife refuge has been the sub- ject of more than 50 major studies investigating the bio-physical resources potentially threatened by oil development.

An introduction to the history of the arctic national wildlife refuge

Arctic national wildlife refuge beyond the jagged brooks range in alaska's far northeastern corner lies one of the world's largest nature preserves, the 198-million acre (8-million ha) arctic national wildlife refuge (anwr) a narrow strip of treeless coastal plain in the heart of the refuge presents one of nature's grandest spectacles, as well as one of the longest-running environmental. The arctic national wildlife refuge (anwr or arctic refuge) is a national wildlife refuge in northeastern alaska, united statesit consists of 19,286,722 acres (78,05059 km 2) in the alaska north slope region it is the largest national wildlife refuge in the country, slightly larger than the yukon delta national wildlife refugethe refuge is administered from offices in fairbanks. Us congress, office of technology assessment,oil production in the arctic national wildlife refuge:the technology and the alaskan oil context, ota-e-394 (washington, dc: us government printing office, february 1989. An irreplaceable natural treasure called america's serengeti for its tremendous biodiversity, the coastal plain of arctic national wildlife refuge on alaska’s north slope is one of the most intact and untouched ecosystems in america.

History shows arctic refuge drilling can be safe and responsible by andy mack, opinion contributor — 12/06/17 05:00 pm est the views expressed by contributors are their own and not the view of. The arctic national wildlife refuge is an iconic american treasure birds migrate from across the united states and from six continents in order to feed and reproduce in the arctic refuge, taking advantage of the burst of plant and insect life during the long days of the arctic summer. The arctic national wildlife refuge (anwr) is an area rich in plants, animals, and commercial oil potential the vast diversity of wildlife within anwr includes more than 160 bird species, 36 kinds of land mammals, 9 marine mammal species, and 36 types of fish.

Arctic national wildlife refuge: anwr history iii wildlife in the anwr a musk oxen b polar bear c caribou i introduction the arctic national wildlife refuge (anwr) is located in the northeastern part of alaska and has been the topic of many recent political and environmental debates. The arctic national wildlife refuge (anwr) is one of alaska’s crowned jewels in the far north region, and encompasses 196 million-acres in alaska's northern corner the refuge straddles the eastern brooks range from the treeless arctic coast to the taiga of the porcupine river valley history. The complete arctic national wildlife refuge extends 193 million-acres from the arctic coast’s barrier islands, across the tundra of the coastal plain, rising over 9,000 feet into the glaciated peaks of the brooks range, and into the boreal forest of the interior. Jimmy carter's writing is such a great piece as well as a reminder for readers to realize value and vitality of natural wilderness, especially the arctic national wildlife refuge for everyone and everything.

an introduction to the history of the arctic national wildlife refuge National wildlife refuge (nwr) artifact(s)  ox hide swag, arctic village fish hook, spear point artifact, oil bearing rock, wilderness meanings associated with arctic national wildlife refuge  har dbound book with a staff-signed introduction to the refuge and selected copies of tideline newsletter.
An introduction to the history of the arctic national wildlife refuge
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